Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the vector and the raster (bitmap) image format?

  • In the vector formats (.eps, .emf, .ai), the image is composed of geometrical primitives such as points, lines, curves or polygons. In the raster formats (.tif, .png), the image is represented by a grid of individual colour points (pixels). The vector formats allow resizing of the image without losing its quality, and while maintaining the sharp lines. The raster formats are easier to acquire (e.g. by photography, scanning); however, resizing arise in blurred lines (raster). Wikipedia: Vector graphics, Raster graphics

Which colour space is better, CMYK or RGB?

  • This depends on the purpose - for the professional printing (poster, brochure, leaflet), the CMYK colour space is appropriate (the logo preferentially in the vector format .eps). For use in office applications or on a website, the RGB colour space is more suitable (in particular the formats .ai, .emf, .tif, .png). CMYK versus RGB in Printing, RGB versus CMYK (Color Spectum)

Which format of the logo should I use for PowerPoint presentation or Word document?

  • Use the logo in the vector format .emf - this format is designed specifically for MS Office and Open Office applications.

Which format of the logo should I use for a poster?

  • If you prepare the poster in Adobe applications (Ilustrator, InDesign) or Corel Draw, use the logo in the vector format .eps. When preparing the poster in PowerPoint, use the logo in the vector format .emf.

I would like to use the logo on a webpage. How should I proceed?

  • For a website, it is usually necessary to prepare an image of a certain size in raster format. In general, start with the logo in vector format (.ai, .eps), in the appropriate application (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw) adjust the size of the logo as necessary, or combine it with other logos, and export the result in the raster format (eg. .png).

I need the logo in a format that is not available on this website, I need to use the logo for a specific purpose...

  • Please, contact the IT department - phone: 29644 3124, e-mail: